About the Challenge/s

The following will be general information about the challenge/s or sim stories that I will be posting. Click these links to jump to information/rules about them:

Summaries of each challenges or scores will be posted through the separate tabs of each story/challenge/legacy

The Kerrigan Legacy


Alice Kerrigan

Alice Kerrigan, my founding sim, is starting with the Rags to Riches, A Billionaire Legacy/Homeless Challenge. My win conditions will be the win conditions stated in the Rags to Riches Challenges, and I will be following the rules of this challenge in general. But I do plan in inserting various other challenges into my game just to mix things up because monotony will bore me very, very quickly.

Kerrigan Legacy is starting in Dragon Valley, but I eventually might move the heirs to a different town, again, because I get bored after a while.

If you’d like to check it out, here’s the FIRST EVER POST on the Kerrigan Legacy.

Kidnapping of Piper Lawrence

Piper will be following the rules of the Survive This – Kidnapped Challenge! posted by RizTaz at Mod the Sims with a few changes regarding the following:

  1. The sole win condition of the original Kidnapped Challenge is marry someone and have him or her spirit the victim away.
  2. One of the ways to lose the challenge is for the kidnapper to die because “your sim never came out of his/her room because they didn’t know if he was home or not”.

I don’t see why I have to rely on other people to have my sim survive. She can handle herself. Aside from this, escaping just to earn money doesn’t make any sense when all he/she needs to win is to marry someone.

I also don’t see why my sim wouldn’t know if her captor was home or not when she can tell before he died when he was home or not. But I will refrain myself from deliberately killing my sim’s captor.

Although I am not removing marriage as a win condition, I am adding the following as additional options/conditions to win this challenge:


  1. Earning the amount of §20,000, enough to move away and start a new life.
  2. Escaping permanently while captor is away or killing my captor before moving away.


  1. Marry someone.
  2. Have him/her move in.
  3. Escape permanently with new wife/husband while captor is away or kill captor before moving away.


  1. Captor killed himself in an accident without any influence from player or victim sim.