Autumn #23: Is This Even About My Life Anymore?

Time goes by so fast. One day you're dealing with children and the next, you're teaching your son to drive. I'm starting to feel old. Joshua is still the same but different. I still don't know if he has any friends since no one comes over to visit. He asked for a tablet and Rocky … Continue reading Autumn #23: Is This Even About My Life Anymore?


Autumn #20: Harry, my “Imaginary Friend”

My mom said that her Great Cousin or Aunt Eugenie sent me my doll, the one that I named Harry, except that she doesn't remember knowing anyone named Eugenie. Come to think of it, my mom came to this town as a runaway, no one in her family knew where she was. At any rate, … Continue reading Autumn #20: Harry, my “Imaginary Friend”