Patch Notes: Doomsday Challenge

I was choosing between doing Not So Berry Challenge for Sims 3 or the Apocalypse Challenge but I thought I could make my own edits to the Not So Berry Challenge rules that I found, and that would take days to finish because my attention span isn’t that great, and the Apocalypse Challenge is just too complicated for me right now. I am playing this game to relax so anything where I have to write things down and track is not good.

So, while I was looking for various other challenges in Modthesims, I stumbled upon the Doomsday Challenge PT 1: Countdown. There are 3 parts but this first one, I think only lasts for 60 days and it’s about a virus infection. Short challenge that sounds enjoyable? Great! Let’s do it!

The whole backstory of the challenge is written in detail in the link that I placed about the Doomsday Challenge but long story short, town is placed on quarantine and no one is allowed to leave because the virus is very lethal. Almost everyday will have something different that will happen and I will have to abide by the rules. An extra challenge in this whole thing is to not read ahead about the days and the rules so I did not read the rules after the first day.

Doing this challenge in the writing point of view is kind of cheating. The story is already there I just have to elaborate. I think I would be writing longer stories for this with less pictures but no one reads this blog anyway so who cares? I would probably start playing tonight but writing I would start in a couple of days when I feel like it.

I hope I get to finish this challenge. The second part seems interesting too.


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