Joshua #6: I’m Coming Home

Dear Kyle,

Screenshot-23I guess all the prayers that I have been throwing to all the gods that might be in existence has paid off. I am graduating with honors! I hope you all could come to my graduation. I know Mom’s got that whole mad scientist things and dad’s busy going to meetings and you’ve got your studies but still, I wish you’d all be here to share it with me. Bring Courtny with you if she could go also.

Screenshot-15I tried so hard this time. I went to all my classes, studied during my breaks, I did my very best during my broadcasts. I was a complete and utter nerd! I didn’t have any time to go to parties, even the ones that are being held in my frat house, just so I can catch up with my grades. It’s all worth it. I’m sure this is going to help me when I’m looking for a job when I get back. I suspect being a journalist in a town as small as ours is going to have its own setbacks but I’m prepared to face them head on.


How’s your school, by the way, found any cute girls yet? Seriously, if still you don’t have a girlfriend when I get back, I’m sending you here just so you could find a girlfriend. Why don’t you want to go to college? I’m not pushing you to do it, if you really don’t want to, but I’d like to know that you have a reason for it. I’m sure mom and dad also want to know why.

I’m still making friends here. Remember Jeffrey? This leather jacket wearing dude in my fraternity? We’ve decided that we’re going to try this emailing thing too after we graduate. It seems like the most practical way to keep in touch if we’re both busy with our own lives.

Anyway, remind Mom and Dad about my graduation and I think I’ll be heading home with you guys on the same day. I’ll see you then!

High scoring college dude,

Big Bro Josh


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