Joshua #4: Don’t tell Dad either.

Dear Kyle,

I’m sorry that I haven’t written much. I’ve run into a snag here and I really need to focus. Can I talk about me for a while? I’ll go ahead and talk about me.

Screenshot-56You know how I told you during my first term here that it was like high school? I kind of underestimated it. When I say I underestimated it, I mean, I failed the first exams that I took.


I thought to myself, I can take it easy. All I have to do is attend classes, make my presence known to the professors, do my projects, and I’ll pass. So since I focused so much in my first term, I made it a point to do make time to do all the things that I fell like I should be doing.

Screenshot-49One of them is to make friends. There’s this dude at my frat house named Jeffrey Dean. His parents must have had really big expectations about his looks when he was born. But he’s really cool. He’s an art major and he really likes to play the guitar. I think you’d like him. I usually find him home when I come home from class so we usually hang out with each other. I talked to him about how we’re doing this penpal thing online and he said that maybe when we finish college and run back to wherever we live, we could do that too.

Screenshot-9Maybe I hung out outside the sorority house to see who I can “accidentally” meet outside, once or twice or maybe more. There are parties, which of course I attended, but it’s different when it’s a nonchalant thing. Ignore what I just said, I think it’s the stress talking.

Aside from finding my “BFF”, as Courtny would put it, I also took to learning how to cook. It’s still in progress. I only set fire to the stove once so far.

Screenshot-6Then there’s magic practice. Summoning apples starts to get boring after a while. But now, I can set someone on fire! How cool is that? It’s totally psychotic, but so awesome!

I spoke to some professors about Mom’s friends who doesn’t age. You know how sometimes when you’re in class it takes so long it feels like time has literally stood still? I think it’s something about how so many supernatural and magical beings staying at one single place is actually messing with physics within Screenshot-59this area. Yes, that’s right. Magic is trumping physics. Doesn’t make sense? Yeah, it doesn’t to me either but that’s what they’re looking into.

While I’m doing all of these things, what I wasn’t doing is studying. And now I need to study.  You’re studying too right?


Puddle of melted brain on the floor.


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