Joshua #3: First Immortal Students, now Aliens

Dear Kyle,

I’m glad you’re doing well on your singing career preparations. You should maybe try and befriend one of the event proprietors to get ahead of things. Do you think that would work?

Mom told me that you were asking if you could have a violin. Don’t you already have a guitar and a piano? Do you really need the violin? It’s ultimately your choice but I just think it would overwhelm you if you’re learning too many instruments at once. But what do I know about music? Don’t worry though, Mom’s going to buy you the fiddle.

Screenshot-80As for your question about my classes here, like I told you before, it’s normal. They’re like high school class lectures only more intense. I like the practical classes. They gave us this broadcasting machine where for four hours or so we can practice our radio hosting skill. That’s kind of cool.

But the other classes, sometimes I find it hard to even stay up during them. They’re just so boring sometimes. But I know Mom and Dad are paying for these classes so I could learn something so I’m doing the best that I can.Screenshot-106

I’m still trying to find time in between to work on my painting skills. I can’t be idle when it comes to that. I’m all good with my writing skills but painting is still a little tricky for me. How’s your guitar playing skills? You’ve nearly maxed it, haven’t you?

There’s a rumor around here that extraterrestrials are making the rounds and kidnapping students. I seem to remember hearing something about that around the house before. Do you remember it? Was it Screenshot-53from Mom or Dad? I don’t know. It sounds like bullshit to me.

I haven’t done any investigation follow up on Mom’s mysterious unaging friends. I’m finding it difficult to find any free time these days but maybe next term I’d have a chance to do so.

Anyway, finals are coming up and I’ll be able to come home to pick up some stuff before the new term starts. We could hang out then maybe. I don’t know if I can stay overnight though. I’m supposed to just pick things up and go back. We’ll see.

Coffee is the best!

Big Bro Josh


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