Joshua #2: Link Link

Dear Kyle,

I’m glad you’re making enough friends in your school and that none of them are the eggs throwing kind. Have you met any nice girls yet? Remember, it’s small town with an even tinier population. If you’re not going to college and you plan to marry someday then make sure to grab someone you like early on. Otherwise, be prepared for the bachelor life until you die.

Maybe it’s not a good idea to mention your friend Peaches to your friends. I mean, if she’s one of those being that can’t be seen by other people then you’ll look completely off your rocker. You can always turn her real. Remember, Mom says she kept that potion in one of the chests in the house. You can use it and then afterwards you can introduce her to your friends.Screenshot-100

Speaking of potions that Mom made, remember that Elixir that she said can boost someone’s magical ability? Well… I kind of stole it and used it on myself. She said we can use it right? Were you planning on using it?

Being a witch isn’t all that they say it is though. So far all I can do is summon apples. Mom would be happy with that, wouldn’t she? She wouldn’t need to plant apples for those nectars that she makes anymore. I can just get them from nowhere and she’ll have her Screenshot-110ingredients. How is Mom anyway? She said one time that her knees are giving her a problem but she’s dealing with it. Is that true? Is she okay?

Someone started a trend of calling me Link. Apparently it’s a game character of some sort of a blonde dude with pointy ears like mine wearing a green hat and since I have green hair then “close enough” they thought. Do you know what this game is? Is it, at least, a good one?

Screenshot-97University life is more mundane as I thought. I convinced my frat brothers to hire a maid when I began feeling annoyed with all the clothes and used dishes lying around. You have no idea how stinky this place is when all the dishes and clothes pile up. We’re all trying to finish a degree, we shouldn’t have to be worrying about washing all these things.

Funny thing that happened once. The stove caught fire while someone was cooking and instead of putting out the fire, all my frat brothers were standing there yelling “Fire! Fire!” while the fire alarm echoed through Screenshot-111out the house. Just imagine, a bunch of muscular young men made of werewolves, vampires, and humans with their hands on their head, panicking up to no end because a stove is on fire. Of course I managed to put the fire out and insurance covered the cost of the stove. Jeez, you’d think that these people would at least know what to do in that situation.

I’ve made you read more words than you’re comfortable already. Give me an update on Mom’s health okay?

From Hyrule Town,

Link Link


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