Kidnapped #7: Homewrecker

Screenshot-67.jpgLen visited for a while when Grant was gone. I couldn’t help myself, but I told him about my situation. He said that he’d try and see what he could do to help. I’m not sure what he’s thinking he’d do to help me though. He gave me his phone and told me to hide it. If I ever needed something I should call him, he says.


When Grant came back, he gave me this easel thing. He said that he had convinced his boss that I would be more useful as a painting forger than a whore. Again, there was that face that he makes when he thinks I should be expressing gratitude in a large and boisterous way. And when I didn’t, he started yelling at me again.

Did he think that I wouldn’t fight back? Yes. He was surprised that I would yell back at him when I could only cry before. What did he expect? That I would stay a mouse forever?

When I overheard Grant talk about going on a date with some girl he met at work. I immediately sprung into action. I called Len and asked to meet at a community lot.

I hate myself for it. I shouldn’t have done it. But I asked Len to leave his wife Gretel for me. And he said yes. He didn’t seem that much bothered about it. His only comment was that his wife would hate me.

We immediately became steady afterwards. What makes me feel even worse is that he brought his toddler son with him, Ariel. That hit the message more. I’ve just robbed this child of his father. I am now a bonafide homewrecker. That’s not a title that anyone could be proud of.

Screenshot-73.jpgI know, I’m selfish. I did it for my own survival. I can’t take it anymore. If Grant suddenly gets it in his head that I would sell more for sex than being a painting forger then he would start inviting men into the basement with me. I know he comes and watches me when I sleep. He’s barely reigning himself in to not touch me himself.

I don’t know if I can fight him or anyone else. I’m weak. Because of the winter, I’m barely eating. I’m always tired. There would come a time that I wouldn’t be able to get out of the basement even if the door was completely wide open. I don’t want this life.

The time that I have to invite Len over or meet him outside were short. I even had to wait days before I could get him to come to the house. And when he did, I popped the question immediately to which he agreed.

We would get married the next time Grant leaves for work.  It doesn’t matter if there’s just two of us. He wants to take his son with him, Ariel, to live with me. Gretel can’t take care of two children, and his youngest likes him best. I don’t like children but sure, as long as he can take me away.

We need to get out of this town. The sooner the better.


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