Kidnapped #3: Escape

Escaping is going to be trickier than I thought. I don’t know much about witches but from where I come from, anything is possible if you have magic on your side. That means that if I ever manage to find a way to escape, there is a chance that he can find me again. Him having connections in the criminal world would also make it harder for me. I’m pretty sure being a decoy means he’s a rookie in his field but seeing as he finds delight even in yelling at me for no reason, I’m sure he’ll advance in his job very quickly. People tend to excel when they’re doing the things they love.

This means that I can’t just leave and run. I need to get rid of Grant.


I’m guessing that the house I’m in is pretty old because I hear every creak that groans upstairs. This is lucky for me because that’s how I knew when Grant left the house to go to work.


It was then that I began fumbling with the door that leads outside. It was strange that it didn’t have door knobs and yet Grant can get in and out so quickly without force. I tried pushing in some places and… it opened.

I went through the door and climbed up the stairs carefully, quickly, quietly. If he was still in the house then I can’t be seen.

I have no intention to escape. But I do need to learn what is in this house, what I can use, and how I can earn some money of my own.

It turns out, Grant was poor AF. He didn’t even have a couch. The only electronic thing I can find is a fridge and a computer on the second floor. What he has are kitchen things, a dining table and some chairs, a bed, a wardrobe, and a bathroom. That’s it.

Screenshot-163I went outside and explored while I still have time. The house was in the middle of nowhere. All I can see around the house were mountains of rocks and sand and a seemingly endless road. I’m not exaggerating. It took ages before I found something that isn’t a desolate landscape.


It was a mine. The sign said “Crystal Mine” but I didn’t find any crystals. I found a big ass rock that looked a little expensive. It wasn’t.

I wanted to explore some more, maybe jump inside the mines and see if there’s anything valuable there but I was running out of time. Grant could go home soon.

I tried to be as inconspicuous as I can be while I wandered around and figured out where I was. Everything is strange here. I feel like I was shrunk and I’m living inside one of those biomes that teachers make students make to study ecology but the plants mutated and became like this. Everyone is also dressed the same way as Grant, but without the Harry Potter glasses.


Good news is that I found a community garden. There were tomatoes, watermelons, lettuce, onions, a bunch of ready to harvest fruits that I could take back and hide from Grant.

Grant’s one meal a day rule won’t do much for me. I need as much food as I can keep so that I won’t grow hungry, thin, and without energy while I’m down there. Who knows what Grant would do to me if I’m all weak and compliant to his weird-ass needs.


I hadn’t realized that collecting fruits would take so much time. The next thing I know, it was already time to go back to that basement. I hadn’t even harvested half of the available fruits there. Grant will be arriving at the house soon and I can’t be discovered outside of the basement.

Why did Grant have to choose a house that’s in the middle of nowhere? I tried to hurry as much as I can to the house. My stomach was grumbling, I was aching to eat one of my harvests but first things first. I needed to get back.Screenshot-194

My heart was pounding when I arrived at the house. I made sure that everything was in its place before I climbed back down the basement. Just in time too, because Grant opened the front door just as I was closing the door to my prison once more.


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