Alice #21: Autumn’s Promenade


Autumn had a reasonable amount of friends but most of them are boys and that’s what causes concern for me.


She went up to me one day and told me that her school was hosting Prom. I didn’t have Prom when I was there so I really have no idea what it’s about. But it was around then when she started taking bubble baths and changing hairstyles every other day. I’m sure there’s something that she wasn’t telling me.

One night she told me that a boy has asked her to go on a date at the Junkyard.

A date at the Junkyard.

The Junkyard.

What is wrong with children these days? Who goes on a date at the Junkyard? Seriously, if Autumn marries this guy, I’m going to disinherit her.

Screenshot-313But I needn’t worry because when she got home she told me that this boy who asked her out was not only way older than she is, he’s days away from young adulthood, but he also already has a girlfriend. I couldn’t tell if she was disappointed or not. Maybe she was a little embarrassed so she didn’t talk much to me about it.

I could tell that there was an urgency in which she was looking for a date. Apparently, she’s supposed to go with someone to the Prom or else she would be seen as weird and ugly because she was alone.

Screenshot-282.jpgI don’t get it. It’s clear that my daughter is the most beautiful teenager in this whole town and I’m not just saying that because I’m her mother, she really is beautiful and she’s smart too, she’s the smartest in her class. So to assume that she would be unattractive just because she doesn’t have a date is just stupid. But teenage logic is different from adult logic, I suppose.

Another boy came by when Autumn was fitting her prom dress. Rocky, I think his name was. He seems better than the other one. Autumn says he talks about his family a lot. Does that mean he’s a mommy’s boy? I should stop over thinking this.

Screenshot-302.jpgAnyway, Autumn decided to go with the Rocky boy. He needs to change his name if he’s marrying my daughter someday, I’m not kidding.

He fetched her from the house with their limo on the night of the dance and they went there together.

I’m not sure why they were wearing casual clothing when she spend hours looking for a gown for Prom. I thought maybe they were going to change when they got there but I think all of them were wearing the same thing.


Why are there all boys in this Prom. I know she has girl classmates, where are they?

It all ended up fine. Autumn and Rocky went “steady”, I think that means they’re boyfriend and girlfriend now. And she went home with a crown.



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