Kidnapped #2: My Captor

Screenshot-165.jpgI’m all cried out and my headache is gone. Now I can think more clearly. I need to write this down.

He visited me this morning when I woke up.

I cowered on my tiny, musty, bed when the door opened and he came inside. He sat on the other edge of my bed and said “I can’t let you go. I know you’ll tell the cops about what happened and my superiors wouldn’t like it. And then you’d be dead. Do you want to be dead?”

I think he thought he’s saying something that makes sense. After murdering my parents, he’s suddenly bent on saving my life and letting me live? Confusion must have been apparent on my expression because he sighed. “Maybe you’ll like it here eventually. But right now, you need to stay here.”


His name is Grant, he says. Just Grant. Like Madonna. And apparently, he’s a witch. He also said something about people thinking he was a little unstable, hot headed, and just plain odd. I wanted to tell him that I could tell all those based on what he’s wearing and the Harry Potter wannabe eyeglasses. That and that he took a shower, while fully clothed, in my bathroom.


“I’m working as a decoy with the local mafia people but someday I would be a bonafide criminal mastermind and I would rule this town.” He tells me. “But for now, my sole goal is to keep you from making trouble for me.”

He went down to see me several times throughout the day, sometimes to yell at me, sometimes just to talk about boring things, and sometimes just to ask me how I’m feeling. I don’t know, maybe he was afraid that I’ll commit suicide or something. I’m going to admit, I did think of it.


I spent the whole night before thinking about what I should be doing to get out of here and when I wasn’t thinking of that, I was thinking about my parents and I cried. Did they really die? In my own rush to get help, I wasn’t able to check if they were still alive or not. I remember trying to scream when I got out. Maybe our neighbors heard and someone went in to check on my parents and they’re still alive. Maybe they’re looking for me.

But in order for me to be sure, I need to get out of here.


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